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Schenk is located on 12 acres of open space within a surrounding residential eastside neighborhood, near Lake Monona, Olbrich Park, and the Botanical Gardens. Our address is 230 Schenk Street, Madison, WI 53714. Our contact phone number is (608) 204-1500.

Class Size

The SAGE (Student Achievement Guarantee in Education) grant from the State will keep kindergarten through third grade classes at 18 or fewer students. The average class size in grades 4 and 5 is 25 and total enrollment is approximately 450.


Schenks students get to school by bike, walking, car, and bus. The majority of students bus to Schenk. Bus service in supervised school buses is provided to students.

After School Care

The school office has a list of child care providers and centers in the neighborhood. The YMCA also offers after school care on-site.


Schenk has a fully equipped and networked computer lab, and two portable labs of chromebooks teachers can checkout for classroom use. Schenk also has two portable iPad labs for checkout as well. Students receive weekly computer instruction through the REACH program, and students 3-5 get weekly typing instruction as well. Every classroom at Schenk has a presentation cart which includes a laptop, document camera, and projector.

Talented and Gifted (TAG) Program

The goal of Talented and Gifted (TAG) programming is to make certain K-12 students consistently have learning opportunities that are challenging, systematic and continuous based on learning profile, readiness and student interest.

Student learning experiences include a broad range of opportunities that pushes a student to their next level of challenge and allows them to develop their talents. TAG programming may occur in the classroom, or in other settings. TAG programming is determined by ongoing evaluation and assessment of individual student needs. Each school has TAG resource support for ongoing consultation.

Special Classes

Students receive Art, Music, LMC, REACH (computers), and Physical Education, which compliment academic learning and curriculum goals. Students in grade 5 may participate in the strings music program.

ELL (English Language Learners) Services

At Schenk we value the diverse languages and cultures of our students.  To support our multilingual students we have an ESL Program in which ESL Teachers and Bilingual Resource Teachers collaborate with classroom teachers to support our students’ academic achievement and language development.  We also have Bilingual Resource Specialists on staff or available to strengthen communication with our multilingual families and to support our students throughout the day. 

Special Education Services

A full range of special education options and services are available. Special education students are fully included in the regular education classrooms. At Schenk we strive to be fully inclusive because we think it’s best for all kids. Special education teachers at Schenk are also called Cross-Categorical teachers because they work with students with all different types of disabilities (learning disability, behavioral disorder, cognitive disability, or other health impairment.)

Student Services

The mission of our department is to work collaboratively with students, families, parents, staff and community resources to provide supports to increase student access to instruction and reduce barriers which prevent students from experiencing success in school. Student Services provide resources and supports in the schools in the areas of attendance, behavior, physical health, mental health, guidance, psychology, restorative practices, and social work.

Other Programs

Schenk also offers Reading Recovery, and Reading Interventions to students who need some extra help and guidance in their journey to reading.