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Madison Metropolitan School District

Black Excellence

Equity & Engagement
Black Excellence

Black Excellence

Black Excellence may mean something different to everyone. We will not define what it means to you. We know that Black Excellence is grounded in the understanding that it already exists. For some, it may be a process of discovery to uncover and nurture it. For others, it only needs to be affirmed and supported. Black Excellence begins with beliefs and a mindset, guided by our core values as a district. Our approach and strategies will be informed through a partnership with our Black students, families, community partners and staff, who will help us achieve Black Excellence across our district. Visit the Black Excellence Facebook page for current stories and updates.

It is a belief

  • We believe in the brilliance, creativity and bright futures of Black youth throughout Madison.

  • We believe in the brilliance, creativity and important contributions of our Black staff.

  • We believe in the beauty, persistence and value of our families raising Black children.

Two students enjoy their lunch in the cafeteria.

19% African-American Student Population