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"I believe that education is the single most important civil rights issue that we face today. That means going to class every day - every day.  No matter what obstacles life may throw your way, go to school."

- First Lady Michelle Obama



For each day a student is absent, except for pre-approved planned absences, the following should occur:

A parent/guardian should call Schenk's Attendance Line at 608-204-1506 by 7:45 am to explain the absence, or

  1. If no contact is made on the day of the absence, upon returning to school, the student must bring a written excuse signed by the parent/guardian to the appropriate school secretary. The note must list the date(s) of the absence and explain the reasons. Excuses that are submitted late and do not contain exact dates, times and reasons for absence will not be honored and the absence(s) will be unexcused.
  2. The Principal will determine if the reason for the absence is excusable based on Board of Education Policy. The determination of whether an absence from school is excused or unexcused must be made on the day the student returns to school so that the school can notify the parent(s)/guardian(s) if the absence is unexcused.
  3. The Principal is responsible for confirming and determining whether the reasons for absences are valid. To that end, the Principal and/or student services staff may ask the parent/guardian of a child to obtain a written statement from a licensed medical provider as sufficient proof of the child’s physical or emotional condition. Except as otherwise provided by law and/or Board Policy, if a parent/legal guardian fails to cooperate with a school’s request to provide specific information about an absence, and/or if the Principal believes the reason for the absence is not valid, the absence may be recorded as unexcused or changed from excused to unexcused. If a request of a parent is denied, the parent should be advised by the Principal of the probable consequence.