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Schenk Elementary School’s Commitment to Community Partnerships

All of us at Schenk are committed to bringing in as many community partnerships as possible, because we know it strengthens our school and helps connect us and our students to the world around us. If you are interested in partnering with us in any way, please contact us! If you don’t already have a contact at our school, e-mail our principal, Amy Engelkins, at 

Current Community Partnerships:


Door Creek Church

DPI -- Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Grant

Integration of Mental Health in Schools

Lakeview Moravian Community Church

Lake Edge United Church of Christ

REAP Food Group

Schenk Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

Schools of Hope

University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension Office (Nutrition Program)

University of Wisconsin-Madison Partner School Network

University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Education

Schenk was adopted by "Seeds of Peace" in 2017