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Lead to Liberate, a Podcast with Superintendent Dr. Carlton D. Jenkins

Lead to Liberate: A podcast with Superintendent Dr. Carlton D. Jenkins. Listen to NEW episodes every week.
Lead to Liberate - Episode 9 - Listen Now
Lead to Liberate - Episode 8 - Listen Now


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Laura Harrington - Thank you for always being so responsive and assisting with all the payroll needs! You rock! KC

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Sue Schmitt-Star PT One of the most dedicated, efficient and knowledgeable advocates I've ever seen. Always thinking of ways to make things better for our kiddos and constantly going above and beyond. YOU'RE THE BEST!

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Sherman Staff You all are AMAZING people and educators. Your School Leadership Team wants to acknowledge all your dedicated hard work that often goes unacknowledged. Because of all your dedication and hard work, our scholars have a clean school to walk into every day, delicious food prepared, a smile to greet them, a friendly voice answering the phones, well-prepared lessons, and student help ready to go daily. Keep up your well-appreciated efforts and determination. The students aren't just surviving. They are truly thriving.

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Nikki Haak is a phenomenal help in any classroom she graces! She is a warm-demander and students of all abilities respond so well to her. She listens carefully to classroom teachers and is able to assist instruction on the fly. Kuddo, Nicci! I wish Huegel could clone you over and over again!

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Ms. Kelli Kruser, Lincoln Elementary office administrator. Her amazing work, flexibility, and support for our school staff here at Lincoln is amazing. Thank you

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Andrea Herrera, Lincoln Elementary Social Worker. She truly puts our families first and her work on informing them about community opportunities is amazing. Nosotros la queremos mucho!!

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A shout - out to Kim in payroll. She is super responsive, kind and has been amazing with making sure that new hires get paid! Thank you Kim for everything you do for our MMSD employees! Jaimi Noriega

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MacKenzie Swanson and Annie Hank planned and executed an amazing Future Planning 2.0 week with Lancer Seniors! MacKenzie and Annie are the heart and soul of La Follette and their passion for supporting ALL students to be College, Career and Community Ready is inspiring. Thank you for your innovation and dedication to the work! I appreciate you!

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