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Volunteer to tutor a student

Schenk Elementary is one of the participating sites in the Schools of Hope AmeriCorps Project. This project places tutors with students in order to help them further develop literacy and math skills. Tutors must commit to volunteering for at least one hour per week, working with the same students each session. For more information about how to get involved, please contact Schenk's Schools of Hope AmeriCorps Project Tutor Coordinator at

Help Our Library 

Our Library is a bustling place.  This volunteer opportunity could have you supporting a class, shelving books, creating displays, or even helping our technology work.  Volunteers are welcomed and encouraged.  Email Ms. Sam Skar, if you would like to help. 

Help supervise in the lunchroom (12:00-1:45)

Our lunchroom is very busy, as we have approximately 125 students eating at one time. We have several paid employees, but they can always use an extra hand. This could be a regular commitment, could be on-call help when we are extra short handed, or it could be as one is available. Volunteers remind students of the rules, help open containers, answer questions, and interact with the children. A volunteer could stay for all or part of the time, every day of the week or one day of the week.

Classroom Volunteers

It is such an amazing help to have community volunteers in the classroom. Whether it is reading to child, giving them some extra help or attention on their class work, or helping with projects, children always enjoy having other adults in the room. If you would like to be paired up with a classroom and come in once, or a couple times a week please let us know!

Donate used or new hats, mittens, boots, snow pants, winter coats, sweatpants, sweatshirts, or backpacks

We are always in need of extra outerwear for children. We give them to students in need, and also like to have extras for those that might forget on a particular day. We keep extra clothes in a cupboard for the occasional accident, spill, or other reason. Backpacks are also a much needed item for many children. Gently used or new are welcome.

Donate new or gently used children's books for our BOOK KINGDOM

Book Kingdom is held in the cafeteria and occurs on predetermined days. Gently used books are available for sale with prices ranging from 25 cents to 1 dollar.

Help with yard work (either on clean up day, or sign up for a week in the summer for watering/weeding)

In the spring, we hold a yard clean-up day. We weed, re-mulch, water, and plant. In the fall, we also rake, trim, and prepare for winter. Additionally, in the summer, families sign up for a week of maintenance of our grounds-weeding and watering, and to help in the garden.

Work with native Spanish speakers as a tutor or mentor

We have a very large population of students that are native Spanish speakers, some of whom are newcomers. If you speak Spanish, we'd love to have you tutor students, or even just be a mentor. We do have several Spanish-speaking staff members, but there are never enough to go around! This would be an ongoing commitment of at least an hour a week.

Schenk Endowment Fund

Schenk elementary has been working hard to build our endowment fund. Every year, we are able to use the earnings on this money to fund projects and events that would not otherwise be funded. If you'd like to make a donation to Schenk's endowment fund, you can make out a check to "The Foundation for Madison's Public Schools", and specify that you want this money to go to Schenk's Endowment fund. You can send your donation directly to:

The Foundation for Madison's Public Schools

101 Nob Hill Road, Suite 300

Madison, WI 53713

Adopt A School

We are very excited to have been "adopted" by Door Creek Church, through the Foundation's Adopt-A-School program. We have very much enjoyed working with this partner throughout the last few years. Thank you so much to Door Creek Church! We are always looking for more resources and support, so if you'd like information on Adopting Schenk Elementary School, to provide volunteer or monetary support, please contact Mary Bartzen at (608)232-7820 or

If you are not sure how you want to be involved, but know that you do, please contact us!